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After some years of searching it is with great joy that we announce the finding and acquisition of a plot of land to start the KSL project. But, what is KSL? Karme Samten Ling, (short for Karme Drubde Yid Ong Samten Ling) or KSL, will be an appropriate place for total immersion in Buddhist practices, a space for individual and collective retreats focused on the traditions of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

We know that even if we study and attend some Dharma center, a period of isolation in retreat in an appropriate place is essential for real development on the spiritual path. Therefore, as time goes by, it is necessary for us to have experiences in meditative practices for the realization of what has been learned. After all, in Buddha's teachings the path of realization happens through meditation, as this leads the individual into the experience of what the Buddha has taught.

Due to the nature of meditation practice, the appropriate place is  secluded, in a non-urban area,  3 hours from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The property contains approximately 130 acres, with space for the construction of an administrative headquarters with a guest house, a temple, small cottages for seasonal retreats and space for a three year retreat facilities for both men and women.

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How to be part of Dharma history in Brazil?

In order to carry out this endeavor we need a joint effort, as well as the support of all those who can contribute.

Those who feel motivated to collaborate with this project, besides the generation of merits itself, will be helping to create resources for a culture of meditative practices in our country with all the benefits it provides: the fulfillment of the highest potential of each individual.

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